Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Digital Painting Tips: What Tools You Need For Digital Drawing?

Digital Painting is an emerging art form in which traditional techniques such as pencil, charcoal, acrylics, watercolor, oil painting, impasto, and all colors Are applied using digital tools, using a computer program that provides a virtual web and software-specific tools. It is used by many artistic professions such as illustration, concept design (for video games, television or big screen), comics, coloring, storyboarding, advertising, graphics etc. If you are interested in digital painting, do not hesitate to follow our guidelines. You will be kept up to date on the latest tips on digital painting we have produced.

Digital Painting

What tools are needed for digital painting?

I have tested a lot of hardware and software in the past but here is the material I use now for my color illustrations and my colorings:

Macbookpro 15 ': A computer certainly expensive but what is good! I can't do without it. If you do not like macs, then you have not tried them yet. Simple, fast, efficient. I have mine since 2009 and I have never had any problems. Since I am no longer on Windows I have the impression to relive. Again this is a budget, but what a good investment! I hear some people say to me again, "yes but for the same price, you can have three PCs as powerful" this is quite true insofar as we do not count anti-depressant fees.

Wacom Intuos: For the graphics tablet, I had begun to buy the "Bamboo" model, but I soon regretted it. I think it's better to invest a little more in the tablet rather than end up with a very small area. A good tip: take a tablet of the same size (or close) as the screen on which you draw. The Bamboo model is best suited for retouching photographs that do not require high precision. I carry my Intuos everywhere in the same case as my MacBook when I have to move.

Wacom Cintiq: My Precious eyes! My desktop graphic tablet. The price makes think twice, and I do not recommend it to beginners. Keep in mind that such shelves exist for those with high requirements. There is no such thing as drawing directly on its screen, one finds practically the sensations of the traditional design, especially on very reactive software like Sketchbook Pro or SAI Paint Tool. Of course, even if nothing replaces the pleasure of drawing on paper, I love this tablet and I use it for 90% of my digital works.

Note: If you work on MacBook pro you will need an adapter of this type (personally I have the version made in Apple).

Digital Painting Software: I tried a lot. Obviously, Photoshop pulls out of the game because once mastered you can do everything with it: drawing, illustration, coloring, speed painting, matte painting, photo editing: it does everything but coffee. Since the license is quite expensive, some will prefer Photoshop Elements, or Gimp (free). One of my favorite drawing software is Sketchbook Pro, cheap, intuitive, fast. For budding painters, I advise Artrage Studio Pro which really simulates the natural effects of traditional techniques. I used Corel Painter a lot of time, but I do not find it intuitive or stable, although some of these tools are unique, I do not recommend it to beginners.

So if you're new to drawing, you should spend at least six months drawing seriously and regularly on paper, at least an hour a day, and take the time to learn the basics of drawing. Not say that I would not have warned you.